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Spec Builder is much more than just a spec tool – it is the most technologically advanced specification software available to the market; it is a central system that is a one-stop, instantly accessible resource to create, view and manage ALL project specifications. It is an end-to-end specification system which covers a full range of processes from sales consultations and technical specification creation through to project price quotations and contractor tendering.

How the Spec Builder Tool Works

Spec Builder is a web based specification creation and management system; it works by streamlining the creation of a specification via an app or directly via the web terminal. The system can be pre-loaded with logic and paragraphs allowing you to quickly create detailed specifications.


Three Easy Steps

The web based system can be used to create product or project specifications. The options are driven by logic to help create a base specification which carries all the images and information; this can then be uploaded directly into the web portal from any location.
Within the web portal, you can convert the project into a live specification. This will be based on the information taken at the survey stage and the system will offer a range of products, materials and paragraphs to assign to the specification; from this a specification can be automatically created quickly, easily and consistently.
The specification can be sent out from the portal directly to the customer or any assigned contractors allowing management of the project. The system also supports the tendering process right through to assigning the winning contractor.
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Agile and Efficient

Spec Builder accelerates the surveying and production of project specifications. Projects which may have taken five days to complete can now - with Spec Builder – be completed in one.

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Spec Builder allows full visibility of the business process for group or team managers and project leaders to be able to see what’s being worked on, who is doing what and what progress is being made.

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A Central Source

The Spec Builder spec tool is one of pure logic and intelligence, accessible by all users from one central location.

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High Return on Investment

The improved turnaround time for spec construction completion and access to a system that delivers high quality can only mean one thing for Spec Builder clients... more sales and more conversions.

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Consistent Quality

The specifications software guarantees consistency and quality output through the generation of professional documentation in digital, print or even HTML format.

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Direct Communications

The Spec Builder specifications software incorporates communication tools enabling the automatic generation of emails to customers and contractors.


"We are now able to create specifications in one day as opposed to five days, which means we can provide a better and faster service for our customers. Spec Builder has proved to be an enormously beneficial investment."


There are two versions of Spec Builder – Full and Lite. Below is a list of features and a comparison chart. The Lite spec tool allows you to create specifications on a computer whilst the Full spec tool includes an iPhone app for onsite specification creation plus Contractor and Customer management areas which allow you to send documents out to tender directly from the system.

Create Specification Documents

Create documents driven by preset logic automatically creating specifications consisting of cover page, contents, paragraphs, materials and related drawings.


Estimate project values by selecting and adding materials to the specification report for which the system has stored prices.


Manage specification status from pending all the way through to completion.


Manage resources, e.g. diagrams, drawings and photographs, on a per-specification or project basis.


Add detail to the specification from pre-written, dynamic paragraphs which highlight considerations to be addressed and recommendations on practices and materials to be applied.

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