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Spec Builder is an interactive web hub and an app that this allows you and your customers to create the specifications for any project or application. Whether this is a product for a new build project, a refurbishment project, a specialist installer or contractor, or a specialist application – Spec Builder is the tool to enable you to do this.

Create Specs on the move

Create specification remotely from your laptop or tablet from a web-based system.

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Simple to Use System

Spec Builder is a deep resource database with a really intuitive interface.

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Instant Connections with Customers and Contractors

The Spec Builder system allows full visibility of specifications and projects from customers through to management and project leaders to see what’s being worked on.

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High Return on Investment

The Spec Builder system radically increases the speed and quality of specification creation and management which will inevitably mean… more business.

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Spec Builder will increase sales and profit:

It gives your team more time to spend with customers – by reducing sales admin and speeding up the process
A 15% reduction in non-selling time per day = I hour per day gain to sit in front of an additional customer per day

Allows your team to create more specifications, quickly and more accurately
A minimum of one more spec per week across each sales person

This means an increase in sales
The Value for example with a team of 20 people:

20 additional specifications, potential value at about £20k each – Potential £400k spec per week

Typical strike rate 1:4 = £100k spec sales per week * across 40 weeks = £4m. Gross margin at 40 % = £1.6m and bottom line profit at 12% =£480,000. With a turnover of £20m this gives an improvement in sales revenue of 5% and with profitability of £2.5m - equates to an improvement of 20%.

If you want a competitive advantage, using Spec Builder will allow you to sell more, service your customers better and makes you more efficient saving you time and money. Spec Builder will increase both sales and profit – it is tried and tested! Don’t just take our word for it!

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